Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What clothing should I wear for the sitting?

A: Whatever you feel most comfortable and relaxed in. My photography style tends to have an informal feel to it, I would recommend you dress casually. I would ask you to avoid clothing with logos, patterns and strong colors as these can be distracting. If you are to be photographed as part of a group I suggest you all wear complimentary clothing. If for example you wish to be photographed in a white shirt and blue jeans, please ensure your fellow sitters are attired likewise.

Q: Can I review my photo portrait proofs online?

A: Yes. You will be given a link to a private website where you can view your photos online, and share them with family and friends. From this website you can choose the photographs you would like to have printed. The gallery will be available within 5–7 days of your portrait session and will remain online for up to 6 months.

Q: I can't make my mind up whether to have black & white or color pictures, can you help?

A: Yes!! All my shots are taken in color using the latest digital imaging technology. After the sitting the images are digitally enhanced and at this point your images can be converted to black and white or tinted and effects added, please ask to see examples.

Q: How should I prepare for the portrait session?

A: Be prepared to be comfortable, I want you to enjoy your studio experience! Feel free to bring several different outfits, makeup for women, earrings, hats, sunglasses, whatever special type of “prop” you like or are used to having. Your favorite CDs to get you in the mood, toys if you are bringing children, etc. Feel free to bring a friend if it will make you more comfortable. Clothing color and style make the difference! I will recommend a stylist/makeup artist on request (price not included with the package and must be negotiated with the artist). She will stay throughout your session and help with wardrobe changes and makeup and posing and props!

Q: When do I pay for the sitting?

A: A deposit will be taken when you schedule your sitting. The balance of the sitting fee is due at the start of your session.  I accept cash, checks and payments through Paypal. All reprint order payments are due when the order is placed.